Cascara by Belle Tress - British Milk Tea

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Introducing "Cascara" by Belle Tress, a unique blend of coffee cherry tea inspiration and hairstyle innovation. This A-line bob marries smooth beach wave curls with the sophistication of a bob cut. Featuring a lace front for versatile off-the-face styling and a lace side part for an authentic scalp appearance, Cascara offers a modern twist on the beloved beach wave look, with a longer A-line cut in the front for a fresh update.

  • Color Highlighted: Honey with Chai Latte
  • Key Features: Creative Lace Front for natural hairline styling
  • Fiber: Heat Friendly, allowing for flexible styling options
  • Parting: Left side for a natural look
  • Bangs: Not applicable, ensuring a clean and uncluttered forehead area
  • Side Length: 7" to 11", framing the face beautifully
  • Nape Length: 2.5", providing a sleek silhouette
  • Overall Length: 7" to 11.5", perfect for a dynamic and stylish bob
  • Weight: A lightweight 3.0 oz for comfortable wear
  • Cap Size: Average, accommodating a wide range of head sizes

"Cascara" is more than just a wig; it's a statement piece that combines the essence of both coffee and tea cultures into a stylish, wearable form. Perfect for those seeking a chic, yet effortlessly casual look.