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Available in 23 stunning Cafe Colors, including Cookie&Cream Blonde.

The Ace of Hearts is considered one of the highest-ranking cards, often associated with luck, love, and passion. TWG tea makes amazing tea by the same name, the tea that creates a perfect balance between the strength of high-grown Ceylon tea and the subtlety of a rare South African red tea. A Celebrity-Inspired, 23 inches long, luxurious “Ace of Hearts” by Belle Tress is made of bouncy, soft barrel curls with beautiful and silky Heat Friendly fibers. The style features an extended lace front which allows you to wear your hair behind the ears without worrying about ear tabs showing. Beautifully layered glamorous soft curls are always ready when you are.

Colors: Belle Tress Color Guide

Color Shown: Butterbeer Blonde

Bombshell Blonde, British Milktea, BrownSugar SweetCream, Butterbeer Blonde, Cappuccino with Cherry, Cayenne with Ginger Root, Champagne with Apple Pie, Chocolate with Caramel, Chrome, Coconut Silver Blonde, Coffee without Cream, Cola with Cherry, Cream Soda Blonde, Dusty Rosa, English Toffee, Ginger, Graphite, Honey with Chai Latte, Iced Lavender Latte, Mocha with Cream, Nutella Buttercream, Ocean Blonde, Purple Rain, Red Penny, Roca Margarita Blonde, Rootbeer Float Blonde, Rose Gold, Sangria, Stardust, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut, Sumptuous Strawberry, Tres Leches Blonde

Special Features: Creative Lace Front
Fiber Type: Heat Friendly
Part Left
Bangs: n/a
Side: 12.5"-16"
Nape: 15"
Overall: 12.5”-23"
Weight:      7.0 oz
Cap Size:     Average