Maintaining Wigs for Auction Eligibility at


For both new and seasoned wig enthusiasts, there might come a time when you consider selling your wig through an auction. At, we offer a platform for you to do just that. To ensure your wig is eligible for auction and to maintain its value, it's crucial to treat it with the utmost care, as if preparing it for its next owner.

Empathy in Wig Care

Imagine the joy of receiving a well-maintained, gently used wig. This is the experience we aim to provide for every buyer at our auction. When you consider selling your wig, think of its future owner. This perspective is key in maintaining its condition.

Document Before Unboxing

A helpful tip is to photograph the wig as you first unbox it. This reference photo will guide you in maintaining the wig’s original condition and packaging, should you choose to sell it later.

Careful Handling

Exploring your wig’s style is part of the experience, but here’s how to do it without affecting its eligibility for auction:

  • Preserve the Original Part, If Possible: Avoid altering the wig’s style, including brushing or restyling. An original zig-zag part will provide a "higher resale value".
  • Maintain the Criss-Cross/Zig Zag Part: This feature, often present in new wigs, protects the style during shipping. Only remove it if you’re certain you won’t be selling the wig.

Returning to Original Condition

If you decide to sell your wig, it’s imperative to return it to its original state. This practice is not only considerate for the next owner but also aligns with our auction eligibility criteria.


Selling your wig is a great way to refresh your style while respecting the product and its future owner. At, we value the quality and condition of the wigs in our auction, and we thank you for your diligence in maintaining these standards. Together, we can ensure a delightful experience for every member of our community.

January 06, 2024 — Angela Holley
Tags: Wig Auction