Let's dive into the benefits of this game-changing service:

Immediate Rewards
Once your wig sells, you receive immediate store credit towards new wigs from our extensive collection on MyHairMail.com. It’s a fantastic way to keep your style fresh and exciting!

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Benefits of our Wig Listing Service:

Testimonials by our valued customer -Paula Moses

Sell Your Wigs

Immediate Rewards
"As a long-time customer, I can't say enough about MyHairMail and Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com! The moment my old wig sells, I receive immediate store credit that I can use on MyHairMail.com. This service has completely changed the way I refresh my look. It's like having an endless wardrobe upgrade without breaking the bank!

Effortless Closet Cleanout
"My wig collection was starting to take over my closet, but thanks to Listing my wigs on ClearanceWigs.com, I was able to declutter effortlessly. They handled everything from listing to selling, freeing up valuable space and making room for my new favorite styles. It's a game-changer for any wig enthusiast!"

Hassle-Free Wig Disposal
"Selling wigs on my own used to be such a hassle, but not anymore. The Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com takes care of all the details for me. From listing my wigs to finalizing the sale, the process is smooth and stress-free. It's never been easier to pass on my unused wigs and update my collection!"

Monetize Past the Return Date
"I missed the return window on a few wigs and thought I was out of luck. Then I discovered the Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com. It allowed me to recoup my investment, even after the return policy cutoff. Now I can confidently try new styles, knowing there's a way to sell them if they don't work out."

Skip the Seller's Learning Curve
"I used to feel overwhelmed at the thought of selling my wigs online. The Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com has taken that burden off my shoulders. I don't need to become an online sales expert or worry about listing details. They handle everything, making it so easy for me to keep my collection fresh without the hassle."

Avoid Payment Hassles
"Collecting payments was always a challenge for me, but not anymore. With the Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com, I don't have to worry about managing payment methods like PayPal or Venmo. They handle all financial transactions for me, making the whole process smooth and secure. It's such a relief!"

Safe and Secure Transactions
"Shipping wigs to strangers used to make me nervous, but the Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com has changed that. They ensure my wigs are sold in a secure environment, removing the risks associated with shipping to unknown buyers. I feel much more confident knowing my transactions are safe and secure."

No Original Box, No Problem
"I was hesitant to sell my unused wigs because I didn't have the original boxes anymore, just the tags. But with the Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com, that's not an issue at all! They accept wigs even without the original packaging, as long as you have the tag. This flexibility made it so much easier for me to turn my unused wigs into something valuable."

How to List Your Wigs

  1. Prepare Your Wig: Ensure it's in original condition: unaltered, unworn (open box try-ons are okay), undamaged, odor-free, and includes original tags. Original packaging is preferred.
  2. Ship Your Wig: Use our prepaid shipping label to send your wig to our address.
  3. Inspection and Acceptance: We'll inspect your wig and notify you of its acceptance or rejection.
  4. Listing and Sale: We list your wig for up to 6 months. If it sells, you get store credit minus a 20% listing fee and the initial $10 listing fee.

Terms & Conditions

  • Shipping Fees: A $12.50 shipping fee and a $10 non-refundable setup fee (refunded upon sale) are required.
  • Accepted Brands: We accept brands like Ellen Wille, Belle Tress, Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Estetica, and TressAllure.
  • Final Sale: All auction sales are final, with no returns or exchanges.


Our Clearance Wig Listing Service at ClearanceWigs.com is an eco-friendly, economical, and easy way to give your pre-loved wigs a new home while refreshing your style. So why wait? Start turning your unused wigs into new opportunities today!

What Buyers can Expect from Gently Used Clearance Wigs (Certified)

  • Packaging:  If not in original manufacturer's wig box, your wig will be carefully secured with a wig net and encased in a mesh satin bag. It's tagged for authenticity and cushioned with protective bubble wrap and packaged in a brand new shipping box for safe transit.
  • Condition: Close to original state, unaltered, unworn, undamaged, and odor-free.
  • Styling: No significant style modifications, original zig-zag part may be removed.
  • Inspection: Each wig is thoroughly inspected to meet our high standards and is Certified.

Join us at ClearanceWigs.com and experience the joy of giving your premium wigs a new chapter!

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