Mellow by Estetica Designs

$141.75 $315.00


This piece is brand-new, tagged and classified as an open-box item only worn by influencer for pictures.

Enhance your everyday look with Mellow by Estetica. The front lace line with a lace part beautifully frames your face while the messy waves add sexy movement, showcasing the various textured layers of this carefree shaggy style. Long side bangs effortlessly blend with the texturized, modern layers, creating an effortlessly casual and chic appearance.

This tousled lob features choppy layers and texture that add depth and dimension to your hairstyle. With a bang length of 9 inches, side length of 8 inches, crown length of 12.5 inches, and nape length of 6.25 inches, Mellow offers a balanced and flattering silhouette. Weighing just 3.39 ounces, it's a lightweight choice for a stylish and comfortable look.