Perry by Estetica Designs

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Perry by Estetica Designs: Lace Front with Lace Part | Embrace versatility with Perry's dynamic choppy layers and a subtle undercut that invite you to experiment with your style. Whether you aim for sleek sophistication or a bold, edgy look, Perry's pixie cut stands out as truly memorable.

Key Features:

  • Lace Front with Lace Part: Ensures a natural-looking hairline and part.
  • Style: Pixie cut with choppy layers and long bangs for a versatile look.
  • Measurements: Bangs: 6", Sides: 1.25", Crown: 4.75", Nape: 1.25".
  • Weight: Light at 2.22 oz for comfortable wear.
  • Color Options: A wide range including R4/6, R6/10, R30/28/26, R6/28F, R8/26H, R12/26CH, RH1488, CARAMELKISS, CKISSRT4, RH1488RT8, RH12/26RT4, CHROMERT1B, SILVERSUNRT8, ICYSHADOW.

Perry encourages you to explore different facets of your personality, offering the flexibility to transform your look from day to night. This unforgettable pixie is your canvas for creativity.